Satellite communications
Satellite station in Raisting where Shamrock installed one of the first Inmarsat e-mail services worldwide.

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Shamrock Software is specialized in digital communications over satellites, ISDN, GSM, UMTS and TCP/IP. On this site we are publishing technical articles from our developers. Most popular articles here:

Filtering spam - The amount of spam e-mails in the Internet has increased dramatically. Experts say that more than half of all e-mails are unwanted unsolicited bulk e-mails today.

Web design flaws - Most common and typical mistakes in web design, like horizontal scrolling, browser-specific Javascript or CSS, caching not supported and much more: Check your web site!

POP3 or SMTP? - If you have a flatrate DSL or cable Internet access, receiving e-mails by SMTP instead of retrieving them from a POP3 mailbox may be an alternative.

Erlang equation - How many telephone lines do I need for a specified number of calls? Here is a calculator showing the busy probability depending on the number of lines.

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